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Israel starting to open the sky for tourists in May 2021!

From May 23, 2021, Israel will start allowing tourists to enter Israel.  This will be done in stages.

Phase 1 - Vaccinated Adults Traveling on a Group Tour
All passengers will be required to bring proof of vaccination, must complete rapid PCR test prior to boarding their flight (rapid test the day before travel), and on arrival to Ben Gurion Airport they will undergo a serological test. 

Israel is working on agreements for vaccine certification validation with other countries.  Once these agreements are established, no serological test on arrival will be needed.

Vaccinated adults, unvaccinated kids - Israel is also working on this issue.  We hope to have more information soon. 
As more details emerge we will update you.

We sincerely look forward to welcoming our groups to Israel again!

Stay safe and take care,

Robyn Morse O'Keefe